Applied Process Control. Essential Methods

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Focusing on the practical implementation of the methods of process modelling and control, this book provides readers with rapid access to the methods described, while including the theoretical background necessary

Bridging theory and practice, over 200 exercises and solutions can be found in the accompanying Applied Process Control Efficient Problem Solving , to develop the problem-solving abilities of process engineers.

In the end, readers have the means to design simple controllers on the basis of their own models, and to use more detailed models to test them

Modelling abilities are then developed by starting from simple time-loop algorithms and passing on to discrete methods, Laplace transforms, automata and fuzzy logic

Throughout, the essential knowledge is built up from chapter to chapter, starting with laying the foundations in plant instrumentation and control

With its clarity and simplicity of presentation, and illustrated by more than 200 diagrams, this book supports self-study and teaches readers how to apply the appropriate method for the application required, and how to handle problems in process control